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The Menominee Ingallston Joint Fire Station is located on US-41 near Linsmeier 8.5 road and is managed by a Fire Chief and Asst. The Menominee Ingallston Joint Transfer Station is for local residents for garbage disposal located near the intersection of Birch Creek and Range line roads. It is managed by a hired employee and assistant.

Menominee Township or “Township of Menominee” is one of 14 General townships located in Menominee County, Michigan. It is the township next to and north of the City of Menominee. The township’s population is about 3500 and its SEV is $159.1 million dollars. Unlike the Menominee County offices, which have regular business hours, the township government body is not a full-time organization. It doesn’t have an administrative staff to provide some of the same services as the county can. If the township had a administrative officer, secretary or if it was a Charter Township having a Superintendent, it would be able to perform more day to day administrative functions and the hall would be open to the public during regular business hours. Menominee Township has 5 elected officials; Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and 2 trustees with specific responsibilities. In accordance with state law; all 5 make up the Menominee Township Board of Trustees. The same 5 members are also part of a 10 person Joint Fire Station Board and Transfer Station Board with Ingallston Township's 5 members.  All 5 board members are paid the same salary for the Board of Trustee Function. The board as a whole represents the local public on Township Issues and actions in accordance with State Law (MCL 41.1a-41.805) and all 5 board members have responsibilities for maintaining the township's fiduciary health.  Menominee Township Hall is located at N2283 0-1 Drive Menominee, MI 49858.

The Menominee Township Cemetery is located on Birch Creek Road across from the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. The cemetery is managed by the Sexton. The Price Policy (click on button below) is a roll back from 2007 posted by the clerk in 2019. An Ordinance is required and pending for cemetery operations & pricing (TBP).

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The Menominee Township Hall is available to individuals who want to rent the facility throughout the year. The only time it is not available is during scheduled governmental use dates. Hall rentals are managed by the Custodian who also maintains the cleanliness of the facility. 

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        No township property tax levied since 2004

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Menominee Township,  Menominee County,  Michigan  USA

Menominee Township has two parks that it manages. The Menominee Township Park behind the township hall has the Birch Creek Baseball Field of Dreams used regularly . Another Menominee Twp Park is a smaller Wayside/Roadside Park located on US-41 near #7 road. The Parks are presently maintained by the Township's Sexton and Assistants.