Statutory Administrative Functions

The Township Board differs from the County Board of Commissioners. Three of the Township board members have secondary responsibilities. The Township Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer have several administrative statutory functions to perform, which is like having a second independent job for the state when not acting on the Township Board of Trustees. The Township Clerk's primary additional responsibility is the state's agent for the election process. The Clerk has several other statutory duties as well.  The Township Treasurer is the state's agent for tax collection for all taxing entities (state, county, and schools) twice annually. The Treasurer also has many other statutory duties.   The Supervisor oversees the Planning Commission and Board of Review functions.  The Supervisor's was the primary assessor but the state changed the duty position had to be state certified - so the township had to hire an assessor who now handles the assessment process.  Each is compensated for their respective admin statutory responsibilities. Also each of the three township officials has a deputy position that helps perform the state administrative functions.  They are  not part of the Township Board of Trustees. A deputy may be assigned to assist in the board of trustee function, but they work directly for their respective official and not for the board.

 Non-Statutory Administrative Functions

Maintaining the website and many other administrative housekeeping responsibilities are non-statutory or work not required to be performed by board members. Many non-statutory functions are essential for order, to perform smoothly and/or to save money so that the jobs aren’t hired out or contracted. Website communication is one of those essential duties; therefore the board has asked for volunteers to help maintain the site... The Township Board of Trustees must convene in public to produce a complete agenda since there is no manager.  The agenda is another necessary non-statutory function not specific to any one board member. The agenda is formulated and approved at the beginning of each meeting in order to have the full board’s input for the agenda. Monthly action items and discussion of any township business must be done during session.

 Menominee Township Base Agenda for a Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance
Approve Agenda (Board Input/Changes)
Approve Previous Minutes
Public Comment before the meeting (Special Appearances/Guest Speakers)

Old Business (Previous Items Discussed)
New Business (Most potential for added new items)
Pay Bills (Board Approval of Expenses)
Public Comment

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