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Larry Barker, Twp Trustee

Larry is a retiree from the Mid-northern area living near the Township Hall.   As a Twp Trustee he attends all township board meetings with no statutory administrative duties. He is assigned to coordinate with other local government agencies and attends other governmental meetings to keep the local township board abreast of county and state actions that may affect the township. He is the ex-officio member of the Township's Planning Commission.  His home phone number is 906 863-6312.

Carl Havelka, Twp Trustee

Carl is a retiree from the Northwestern area of the Township.  As a Twp Trustee  he attends all township board meetings with no statutory administrative duties.  As a member of the board of trustees,  he shares the primary responsibility of maintaining the fiduciary health of the township with the other four board members.  His home phone number is 906 864-2982.

Ken Goffin,  Twp Supervisor

Ken is a retired farmer from the northwestern area of the Township. The Supervisor oversees the Planning Commission and is the Secretary for the Board of Review. He works closely with the Assessor and is the moderator for all Township Board Meetings. He alternates the moderation duty with the Ingallston Township Supervisor Paul Anderson during Joint Fire and Transfer Station Meetings.  He is assisted by his wife Gloria Goffin who is the Deputy Township Supervisor .  His home phone number is 906 863-9770.   Township email address is:

Mike Armbrust,  Twp Clerk

Mike works full time for the County from the central area of the Township.  The Clerk oversees all Elections.   He maintains the computerized general ledger and shares maintaining the budget for the township with the Supervisor.  All record keeping activities are maintained by the Clerk,  to include book of oaths, ordinances, meeting notices,  minutes, and voter registration files.   He is assisted by his sister, Lori Patzke who is the Deputy Township Clerk.  His home phone number is 906 863-4814.  Township email is:

David Wesoloski, Twp Treasurer

David is a retired career military officer from the Northeastern area of the Township.  The Treasurer oversees the tax collection process.   He maintains the computerized BSA system that reports payments to the state which is posted on-line for each property owner.  The Treasurer maintains receipt records, maintains bank accounts and investments.  He is the fund manager,  sharing the payment of vouchers prepared by the Clerk.   He is assisted by his daughter-in-law, Tami Wesoloski, who is the Deputy Township Treasurer.  His home and statutory tax office phone number is 906 863-7979.

People make the difference.

Our Township Board of Trustees and employees are dedicated to providing service to our local constituents and property owners as well as all who help support an efficient local government. We do our best to operated with minimal costs passed on to our residence within the guidelines set by the State of Michigan.

Our Elected Officials

These are the officials elected by the people to operate as the "Board of Trustees" for Menominee Township the local township government body and also on the Joint Menominee Ingallston Fire and Transfer Station Board(s).

Elected Officials