6) Hedges, wooden trellises, iron fences, or fences of whatever nature and kind for the purpose of enclosure or any articles which may be considered objectionable are prohibited in the grounds of the cemetery. NO glass other than vigilance candles can be used in the Cemetery.

Menominee Township Cemetery

12) Burials will not be permitted on any lot until any and all perpetual care charges all have been paid. 

 7) The throwing of rubbish on the avenues or any part of the grounds is strictly prohibited except in the receptacles designated by the Township Sexton.

 17) A standing reward is offered by the Township Board for information which will lead to the detection and conviction of any person stealing from the Cemetery grounds, lots or gravesites, any flowers, plants, ornaments or any article of value, or defacing or injuring any monument, headstone, marker or other structure or building.

11) No monument, vault, tomb, effigy nor any structure whatever, nor an inscription thereon shall be placed in or upon any lot which shall be determined by the Board offensive or improper. Only one monument will be allowed on each lot or major fraction thereof. The said Board shall have the right and it shall be their duty to enter upon such lot and remove the said offensive or improper object or objects. A single grave site may contain on head stone. Two contiguous or more grave sites may contain a 3 foot cut, which is the stone allowance.

8) Trees, Shrubs, flowering or other plants may be cultivated on lots or grave sites but only with the approval of the Sexton. No plants, flower, tree or shrub may be taken out of the Cemetery without the permission of the Sexton. 

15) Automobiles, bicycles or other conveyances are restricted to a speed of 10 miles per hour and must not leave the blacktopped avenues.

4) Purchasers of lots or grave sites acquire simply the rights and privilege of burial of the dead and constructing markers, vaults and monuments subject to the rules and regulations therefore hereinafter prescribed.

14) No corner markers, stone, cement or marble curbing, platforms, steps, or other structures, whether of stone, cement or marble, will be allowed on any lots or gravesites as such are considered unsightly and are therefore prohibited.

3) The charges for land, perpetual care, burials, moving of bodies and any other services rendered by Menominee Township shall be as set by the Board and shall be adjusted whenever deemed necessary by a majority of the members of the Township Board. Menominee Township Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

9) The Sexton or his assistant is required to be in attendance at every interment and all funerals on reaching the grounds shall be in charge of the Sexton.

18) The Sexton or his assistants, together with the members of the Menominee Township Board are empowered by law to enforce all by-laws, rules and regulations until converted to Menominee Township Cemetery Ordinance   (TBP).

2) The term “perpetual care” shall mean the cutting of grass upon the lots or grave sites at reasonable intervals; the raking and cleaning of the lots or grave sites; the pruning of the shrubs and tress, and such other work as may be necessary to keep the lot or grave site in good and neat condition. However, the Board does not agree to maintain, repair or replace any grave stones or monumental structures erected upon lots or grave sites therein, or to plant flowers or ornamental plants, or to do any special unusual work.

13) Monuments or markers constructed of any material other than stone or real bronze will not be allowed.

10) If any trees or shrubs situated in any lot shall in the opinion of the Board, become by means of their roots, branches or in any other way detrimental to the adjacent lots, streets, alleys or walks, or prejudicial to the general appearance of the grounds, or dangerous or inconvenient to passengers, the Board shall have the right to enter said lot and remove the said trees or shrubs or such parts thereof as they may consider detrimental, dangerous or inconvenient. The planting area shall be no wider than the stone and no deeper than one foot.

1) No lot or grave site shall hereafter be sold, leased or any rights granted therein until the purchaser thereof shall pay to the Township Clerk, a sum of money, the interest or income from which sum the Township Board shall determine as reasonably necessary for the perpetual care of such lot or grave site.  Check or money order preferred made out to "Menominee Township"  (Not Birch Creek Cemetery or Holy Redeemer Cemetery).

5) No sale, transfer or assignment of the certificate of ownership for any lot or grave site shall be valid without the consent of the Township Board and their approval endorsed on the conveyance. No such transfers or assignments shall be approved by the Board until perpetual care has been provided on the lot or grave site transferred or assigned.

16) Owners of lots and gravesites are invited to help beautify the Cemetery and can render great assistance to the Cemetery management by removing from their lots and gravesites all wilted flowers and faded decorations and deposit them in the refuse containers provided for that purpose. After proper placement in the local newspaper of a notice for removal of seasonal decorations, the Sexton shall dispose of all unclaimed decorations.

 Call the Township Hall and leave a message

 if Sexton cannot be reached: 

Hall Phone is (906) 863-9410

Hall Fax number is (906) 863-6364.

Call to contact the Menominee Twp Sexton:

Keith Kovar

(906) 863-3586


Lot:  A parcel containing 8 gravesites.

Gravesite:  A parcel large enough for one burial.

Base: Flat concrete pad for a Marker Stone.

Monument: Two or more stones placed on a base.

      (Note:  Monument must be approved by Twp Board)

Headstone:  One stone on a base.

3-Foot Cut:  A term used to describe a specific size stone that is 2 parts on a base,  usually contains family name & that of one husband and one wife.