Township Beginning ~

When John Mullett surveyed the township in 1848 he already found a sawmill in section four on the river. Next to the sawmill was a blacksmith shop. Menominee Township dates back to the formation of the county. When Menominee County was first organized it had two townships, Menominee and Cedarville. This year was 1863.

The farming community of Birch Creek was started about the year 1855. Families mentioned in the history include Henry Bade, William Hackeman, and Sieman Bros. A deed dated June 10, 1856 was given to Fred Sieman. The family of William Sieman was saved from the Peshtigo fire of 1871 by placing his family in a plowed field, covering them with wet blankets. Many families near Birch Creek lost their lives in that fire. Because of the scattered living in the community there was no village. Menominee school district 4 was Birch Creek, its first school was a log building which held 2 months of school. The fire of 1871 burned the school, but it was rebuilt a year later.

Here is a 1955 photo of the Birch Creek School.

There were other small schools scattered through the township, Spangle School on Linsmeier Road, Evergreen School on US-41, Hamilton School south Hwy 577 Sobieski School Hwy 577 and Little River School located on northern Hwy 577 near the boundary of Menominee Township.

As more information is gathered - this historical page will be updated.

Township History

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