Birch Creek Baseball Field of Dreams

The Birch Creek Baseball Field that was started by local young men and women the summer of 1974.   Vince and Jim Jasenovsky approached  the township board requesting field improvements to develop the baseball field..  After board approval is was used for several years,  until league baseball teams required a dirt infield.   Between 2010 and 2014 -  the baseball field received minimal maintenance work,  received a grant for a new the backstop and then volunteers helped convert the grassy infield to a dirt infield, adding bases and a few other items.   The Menominee County Women's Softball League filled the park in October 2015 for three days - beginning the first "Women's Softball League Tournament -  again Oct 2016 (#2);  then Oct 2017 (#3) and then Oct 2018 (#4).   Minor improvements continued to include adding a handicap parking area, another set of stands for the players and trash containers.  In 2018 a one-way "Loop Road" and "Parking Lot" was built to resolve the traffic safety problems.  Late in 2018 -  the Menominee Township Board & Planning Commission received approval by the state for a grant by MDNR to build a pavilion.    The remainder of this page will be dedicated to photos taken during the past few years which should answer the question "Is the park being used?" ......  .

.Old Grassy Birch Creek Baseball Field -  photo taken  2008;  the ancient backstop was falling apart.  The original backstop was built by volunteers using old light poles

The park still overflowed after the new 60 X 200 ft parking area wss built in 2018 by M&M Trucking..

Seasonal Porta-john -  No Water.

The handicap parking area was placed separate from the main parking area to be closer to the proposed pavilion location..

dirt infield was the major improvement that allowed the women's league to have tournaments .  The baselines are 230+ feet from home to fence which is more than adequate for the women's league.   The men prefer more distance but still use the field.

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October for the years 2015-2018 -  The park was filled with players (10 teams) from all over the U.P. and many fans.   The

The old playground area received some maintenance with safety chips added and 4 new trash receptacles throughout the park.