Mortgage/Title Company, Bank, Tax Svc/Escrow Tax Requests

Information for Menominee Township Only.   Other townships may not accept any tax information requests or they may process requests differently.

1. The Menominee Township Treasurer has an Office at his Home where most of the business is conducted, especially for mailing Tax Payments.  The present treasurer’s mailing address is:

Menominee Township Treasurer
David R. Wesoloski
N2920 Bay de Noc Drive
Menominee, MI 49858


Make checks payable to:   “Menominee Township” or “Township of Menominee”
If your computer system calls for additional information; other check block information would be:  Attn: Treasurer, N2920 Bay de Noc Dr, Menominee, MI  49858

2. The Township Hall and Main Office address is the township’s permanent facility; however, the township does not have a manager or full-time staff to operate during daily business hours.  The Township’s Official Address (all mail opened by the Twp Clerk at least once a month) is:

Menominee Township Hall
Attn:  <Clerk or Custodian or Supervisor or Assessor or PC>
N2283 O-1 Drive
Menominee, MI 49858

Mail for the Clerk (Election/Absentee Ballots), the Supervisor, the Planning Commission, the Custodian, the Assessor and general township correspondence may be mailed to the O-1 Drive address.  Mail for the Sexton and/or Trustees should be mailed directly to their homes.   Do not use this O-1 Drive address for the Treasurer.

3. Although we refer to the municipality as Menominee Township the Official name of the municipality is:   Township of Menominee,   Menominee County,   Michigan.

4. Phone Numbers.

a. Phone Calls are normally not answered at the hall unless someone happens to be there, but the hall phone has an answering machine that is checked by the Clerk, Deputy Supervisor and Assessor for messages. The Hall Phone number is (906) 863-9410. The Treasurer, Planning Commission Staff, Custodian, Sexton and Trustees do not utilize this number.

b. The Phone Numbers of various elected officials/employees are posted on the website in most cases are found in the phone book under their names.

c. The Township Treasurer’s Home Residence Phone number is (906) 863-7979. The answering machine picks up the calls. It is important to leave a call-back number, the parcel number of the property, your name and a short message. Sometimes the phone message is cut off (cell phone drop calls). The treasurer does his best to get a call-back phone number but sometimes without a phone number, a return call cannot be made. Secondary response method is a mailed return message if documentation will answer a situation better. In some instances, a text message will come from the Treasurer’s Text Only 616 Cell.

d. The Menominee Township Treasurer does not have FAX capability at his residence. If FAX is the only means available, as a last resort he can FAX from the Twp Hall which is about 3 miles from his home.

e. Email is a good way to communicate; however, many times unidentified emails get sent to the SPAM bucket by the virus scanner. The Township Treasurer’s personal email address is not used for tax information purposes.  The email address is not posted on this site to prevent spam.  A new email may be established in the future for the township clerk.

5.   Internet.   The information posted on the website and the BSA Tax Data "My Gov"  Site can be accessed by going to and if you are reading this, you’ve already here -  see button above for  - Tax Information.  This is a link to another window to access the BS&A Tax Data Base.   You can get current tax information on this site.  When the “AccessMyGov.Com” window opens….. Click on “Current Tax Search” and search by current property “Owner” last name (best by owner - but you can search by address and parcel number if you type in how the parcel is listed in the system).  The next screen will show all property owners with that last name. To finalize the search - click on the parcel number or the specific property owner that you need the tax information on. Scroll down to see the history. Various tabs can be opened and closed on that page to show details.  The system posts current interest penalties on the date of the request - but you can type in a future closing date if it falls in the next month to get the exact amounts due.   Please ensure that the correct interest is paid.  Tax Collection Schedule at the hall is posted on the tax bill.   The best and most secure means is to pay with check or money order by mail.

 6.  The treasurer is not responsible for assessment issues.  The Assessor is responsible for all assessment issues with oversight provided by the Township Supervisor. You can access the same BS&A data site which has  assessment information posted to get answers to many questions. Many times a title company will call asking if a property has well & septic. The assessors’ data on that site has that information and more posted.  The assessor handles property values, exemptions, ownership information, and address changes.

7.  The Township of Menominee does not collect for Sewer or Water.  A small number of properties closer to the City of Menominee may have Water & Sewer service provided to them by the city. That service is billed and collected by the city – not part of the township’s tax bill.

8.  Menominee Township has no special assessments or utility charges, but a few properties are assessed a fee for the Qualified Forest Program.

9.  An address for overnight delivery service (FEDEX, UPS or USPS) is the Treasurer’s Residence address listed previously in paragraph 1.  Do not FEDEX/UPS tax payments or tax escrow requests to the Township Hall address.

10. Presently, Menominee Area Public School district has contracted to have Menominee Township collect the school taxes during the Summer Season. Stephenson Area Public School Districts taxes are collected by the township but their collection occurs during the Winter Season with Menominee County Intermediate School District.

11. The Township Treasurer works various hours and has no set standard work schedule or specific hours at home. The elected official to the office of Menominee Township Treasurer is David Wesoloski as the main point of contact. Occasionally the Deputy Treasurer may get assigned to specific tasks to assist the Treasurer.

12. Tax Bill Release Dates:

          Summer (on or about)   = July 1st

          Winter (on or about)      = December 1st

* As soon as the tax roll is balanced with the assessor, the Treasurer commits the tax roll and it is automatically posted to the BSA data web site available for access on the internet. The original bill is not required for payment; however payment cannot be accepted per warrant until July 1st (summer) or December 1st (winter).

 13. Additional mailing information.
a. Original Bills are mailed to the property owners.

b. If requested and a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided; the Menominee Township Treasurer will provide Mortgage Companies, Banks, Title Companies and Intermediate Tax Processing Agencies duplicate bills. Subsequent mailings of additional requests are always accepted, but it is more efficient to draw the information from the website (preferred).  US postal mail and office visits all work Phone call is possible, but is least desired.

c. It is requested that annual mortgage tax escrow request packets arrive NLT June 1st for summer bill requests and NLT Nov 1st for winter bill requests.

 14. Tax bill requests are to be sorted alphabetically by homeowner’s last name.

15. Significant 3rd Party Payment Dates:

a. It is important that summer bills are paid by third party payers by 31 August each year.  This allows time to meet the 14 September due date each year. Township Treasurers are not mandated by the state to mail out late notices; however in some cases it is done.

b. It is most desired that winter bills are paid by 31 December (last day of the tax year); however the state law allows 2 more months before penalty.   Property owners who need to file property tax information on their state income tax need to meet the December 31st deadline otherwise they may be penalized indirectly. 

16. The first notice to the property owner of either of the two tax bills being late come from the County Treasurer after the last day in February.  Call the county Treasurer at (906) 863-5548.

17. Memo Bills are not accepted.  A printout of the BSA page showing the property owners name, parcel number and tax due is the alternative to the actual bill.

18. U.S. Postmarks are accepted for deadline processing.

 19. Interest Penalty after deadline is 1% per month. After transfer from township to county, there is a processing fee for delinquency in addition to the continued 1% per month penalty; and other fees may be applied by the county.

20. There is no maximum number of parcels per check payment as long as the tax bills accompany that check. Payment listing should remain in owner’s last name in alpha order.  If you receive a list and tax bills from the Treasurer, please return the bills grouped with the payment under one group check.  CORELOGIC tax service does a good job keeping several bank payments grouped with the applicable bills for that group.  Our system only allows one check number posting for one group.  One other tax service along with one larger bank does a poor job coordinating group payments with applicable bills and are no longer processed as a package for that 3rd party.

21. Current tax amounts are NOT available at the county during the Townships 8 month Collection period from July 1st thru the end of February current tax year. Internet posted amounts are presently only current during that township collection period. The County has amounts only after the winter taxes have become delinquent on March 1st each year.

22. Over/Under Payments.

a. Duplicate (over amt due) payments are refunded to the property owner with a note recommending that they contact their mortgage company, especially if a third party (tax service) is involved. Occasionally the refund if made out to both property owner and Mortgage Company to ensure that the escrow account is properly adjusted. If a payment is intended for another municipality, the treasurer may send the payment directly to that municipality with a note to fix the mailing address so as not to penalize a property owner or it may be sent back directly to the originator.

b. Under payments. If it is caused by Township BOR action; another copy of the tax bill will be forwarded to the mortgage company or tax service with an extension of payment timeframe of 30 days. If the amount is off the property owner will receive notice - depends when the mortgage company payment is received. (See Paragraph 15 above on preferred payment dates).  Responsibility for accurate timely tax payment still falls on the owner’s shoulders and it would be their responsibility to monitor amounts paid by 3rd and 4th parties. Whatever is sent is applied to the account indicated on the payment register.

23. Automation process information is not offered. Mortgage companies can easily access the data they need by going to the BS&A site and draw off information that is required.

24. For those who do not use the township’s BS&A tax data base and opt to call the County for data, there is a fee associated with that information. Do not send fee payments to the township treasurer. Send all COUNTY related requests to the County Treasurer, 839 10th Avenue, Menominee, MI 49858. The county phone number is (906) 863-5548 if there are questions about this process or if you need information on delinquencies.
25. Although the county has a standard bank mortgage code listing; the system used may vary from township to township.
26. Full Property (Parcel) Numbers.   55-010-xxx-xxx-xx   Menominee County property numbers begin with “55” .  The 55 is not used in the payment ID process for our township.

b. It is desired that the 11-digit township property number appears on single payment checks for single accounts. (I.e. “010-000-000-00”) The first three digits indicate the township so all
Menominee Township Numbers begin with “010”.

27. If a title company/bank is paying off property taxes for business, ensure that personal property tax has also been searched for that business. PPT# = 55-010-925-xxx-xx

28. If there are any other helpful items that you wish to have displayed for new bankers, employees of tax services, title companies, etc …… please contact the Menominee Township Treasurer via mail. Hope this information proves to be helpful..

Township Treasurer's Page

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