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Who are the members on the Board of Review (BOR)

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Miscellaneous Assessment References

Notice of Assessment Info Letter

Most Commonly Asked Questions Concerning the Notice of Assessment

What is this Notice of Assessment and why am I receiving it?

Each year the assessor is required to notify property owners of the assessed value; taxable value and property classification that have been determined for their property for the current tax year. This notification is mailed to the property owner approximately 14 days prior to the annual March Board of Review session. The Board of Review is an appointed panel of three residents that review the annual assessments and hear appeals from property owners that may dispute the values that have been tentatively determined for their property. Following the March Board of Review appeal sessions, the Board of Review will make adjustments to any assessments they believe are warranted and then will certify all the assessments as final. The notice not only informs you of the changes in your property's assessment, it also informs you as to when appeals will be heard in your locality. Since the only opportunity to appeal a current year assessment is at the March Board of Review session, the notice of assessment is important information for all property owners to receive.

How can my taxable value go up when my assessed value goes down ?

The current year assessed value has been determined as a result of the studied market conditions of the previous 12-24 months. The assessed value on this notice represents 50% of the property's true cash value for 2011 using that same information. The taxable value calculated for your property has been determined using the formula approved by the voters of Michigan in 1994 that involves multiplying the previous year's taxable value by an inflation rate multiplier. For 2011, the inflation rate multiplier is 1.7%. Because the assessed and taxable values represent different things, it is possible for the assessed value to decrease and the taxable value to increase, as will happen for many properties in 2011. In 2010, the opposite occurred, with most assessed values increasing but because the inflation rate multiplier was less than 1% (.997), the taxable values decreased.

Does the amount in the change column mean my property taxes are going to change by that amount?

No. The figure listed in the "CHANGE" column represents the value change, not the tax amount change. This notice does not include information on tax amounts, as tax rates for 2011 are not set until later in the year.

How can I check to see if my principal residence exemption status is correct?

Near the bottom of the notification form is where your current principal residence exemption is printed. If you occupy and claim your property as your principal residence, the percentage listed should be greater than 0% (most often 100%). If this percentage is not correct, contact the assessor's office to complete the necessary form to change the status.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You may contact any elected township official or best the assessor,  Jill Schwanz,  from 4pm thru 7pm most Mondays and Tuesdays at the township hall at 863-9410. The two elected officials that deal most with these issues are the Supervisor, Ken Goffin at 863-9770 and the Treasurer, David Wesoloski (Tax Collection) at 863-7979. Please have your Property/parcel number available. We encourage that you look closely every year at your Notice of Assessment.

 Jill Schwanz
Great Lakes Valuation Services
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Township Assessor's Page

Our Township Assessor is both an employee (for signing the assessment/tax roll) and a contractor (performing the details required for township assessing).

Primary Board Members:

Dennis Kosewski

Dean Shepeck

Francis Nemetz

Alternate Board Members:

Steve Buyarski

Ira Luplow

Secretary, Twp Supervisor:

Ken Goffin

Assessor & Assistant:

Jill Schwanz

Michelle Shepeck