Lori Patzke

Continuous Improvement and Planning are an important aspect to any operation.  Our Supervisor attends all PC meetings  We have a master plan and a long-term Capital Improvements Plan and she helps the assigned Twp Board with communicating plans and the direction the township is moving. The goal is to achieve better Strategic Plans at Board (budget/spending)  level.​   ​(STEP 1 of the Budget Process)

Township Supervisor

The Clerk is responsible for collecting township fees for licenses and permits and overseeing hall rental and cemetery income.  The Treasurer is responsible for responding to Menominee Area Public Schools and setting the rate for reimbursement for the Township's Summer Tax Collection.   The income producing resolutions are looked at annually for revelance or updates.

The budget approval process is a township board resolution. Once all adjustments are made and each of the 3 years (current,  upcoming budget year, and one year out) are balanced on the spreadsheet,  the ceiling limitation and high cost items are approved.   It is called the General Appropriations Act (Budget Resolution)

The authorization "Appropriates " available funds for future spending and does not authorize spending.   It also determines whether a township millage is required.

 (STEP 4 of the Budget Process)           

A Term Resolutions is set to  authorize spending for the upcoming term and is completed  after the appropriates approval process because it is an expense started during the expense year.  The only term renewal is the benefit plan authorized by the State.   Burnham & Flowers Insurance Group needs a copy of this term renewal as well as any changes for benefits plan coordinator;  presently the Township Clerk.​            (Board Approval Required for all Term Spending)           

Annual Resolutions to  authorize spending for the upcoming year are completed after the appropriates approval process.   Employee  salary resolutions are prepared in advance for approval;  but may not be approved if the public alters the appropriation during the Budget Hearing.  The Appropriations Act "Appropriates"  -  it does not authorize spending.  Authorized spending is done by a separate resolution,  board approved contract or board motion.  The auditor checks for this board approval process and salary increases many times gets left out in board approval;  therefore annual resolutions are updated as needed. ​            (Board Approval Required for all Government Spending)           

Elected Officials' resolutions are prepared and approved by the board 30 days before the Annual Meeting.  At the Annual Meeting the public by majority vote determines whether salary increases are approved, adjusted or not approved.  If the public alters the appropriation during the Annual Meeting;  the appropriation remains as approved  by the board,  but the clerk adjusts the amount authorized by the public.       (Public Approval Required for Elected Official Increased Salary Spending)           

Township Supervisor's Email:  MTS@menomineetownship.com.

State of the Township Address -

March 2020:   

Near term planning includes a line by line item spreadsheet put together by the township board . Using the previous year as a guide, the budget spreadsheet then becomes an attachment to the appropriations act resolution (budget) . The current spreadsheet for FY 2020/2021 is the spending limitation once it is approved by resolution.  (STEP 2 of the Budget Process)

Presentation to the public was accomplished at the Budget hearing; March 21st 2020.  The board has been very conservation and most years there are no adjustments with no comments this year.               (STEP 3 of the Budget Process)