The Supervisor is responsible for the Township's Budget.   Although both the Clerk and the Treasurer work closely to ensure that there is compliance,  the Township is required to be audited annually. That contract work has been awarded to Johnson & Rennie. The firm keeps us advised,  provides guidance as well as performs the required audit.

Twp Supervisor's Email:

Continuous Improvement and Planning are an important aspect to any operation.  Our Supervisor attends all PC meeting without interfering with the PC Chairman's agenda.  We have a master plan and a long-term Capital Improvements Plan and he helps the assigned Twp Board  ex-officio member with communicating plans and the direction the township is moving. The goal is to achieve better Strategic Plans at Board (budget/spending)  level.

Township Supervisor

Planning for our future in Menominee Township and preserving our farmland roots.

State of the Township Address - March 2019:   

The current Budget for FY 2019/2020 includes:

             General Appropriations Act (Budget Resolution)


             The Township's Budget Spreadsheet Attached

The Supervisor is the Township's Legal Agent.    Our Township legal needs are met professionally by working closely with Mr. Kim Coggins.  He keeps it simple, timely and cost effective for our township.

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