Planning Commission Minutes 

Most Recent Park Planning Includes a Grant for building a Pavilion in 2019.

Master Plan   (10 -year planning)

(To be posted , pending PDF file)

Planning Commission By-laws 

Apr 2019 Meeting Cancelled

 Capital Improvements Plan   (CIP)

Planning Commission

Grant acceptance includes following the 10-page MDR Grant Development Project Agreement (Page 11 is the twp resolution)

Planning Commission Meeting Dates:


Parks & Recreational Planning 

Planning Commission Ordinance

No 19-21-09-01  (4 pages).    Amendment 1 PC Ordinance 4-24-19-01 (2 pages).

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Jan 2019  - Pending Approval

Planning Commission Members

Bill Kelley.  PC Chairman

Pat Barker, PC Secretary

Keith Kovar, PC member 

Judy Bright, PC member

Mike Harding, PC member

Fran Havelka, PC member

Larry Barker,  Ex-officio PC member